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Professor & Students

Partner with iLumenEd

iLumenEd is proud to partner with other Christian Schools, Christian Homeschool Groups, and Churches to support efforts in educating children to have a biblical worldview. 

iLumenEd's affordably priced program offers significant savings and a variety of options to fit various needs.

Homeschool Parents or Parents looking for an educational alternative:

  • One-of-a-kind biblical worldview track created by RenewaNation

  • Full course options in core courses as well as foreign language and enrichment courses

  • A la carte options that allow students to pick and choose from the courses we offer

  • Synchronous (live) and Asynchronous (recorded) options to cater to your family’s schedule

  • Community fellowship through monthly virtual chapel services

Heads of Schools

  • Full course offerings to help your school expand to include grades not offered at the brick-and-mortar

  • Á la carte options for schools needing to “fill in the gaps” due to scheduling conflicts, courses not currently offered, or lack of a certified educator in a particular course

  • Synchronous (live) and Asynchronous (recorded) options for either the full course offerings or the á la carte options

  • A live, virtual classroom experience for those students who want to be a part of the student life at the brick-and-mortar but would rather partake in virtual learning 

Are you excited about what is happening at iLumenEd and want to reach more children in helping them develop a biblical worldview?

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