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Laptop and Notebook


To access the iLumenEd program, you will need a computer with an Internet connection and free software programs, which you can download from the Internet.

Internet Service


All students must have a functioning and reliable Internet connection with a minimum of 5 mbps download speed and a minimum 1 mbps upload speed. Check your speed here.



It is highly recommended that students have a functioning and reliable headset with microphone.

Printer & Scanner


All students must have access to a functioning and reliable document scanner and printer or utilize a phone or tablet to take and upload pictures of assignments. 

Recommended Browsers


iLumenEd strives to provide an academic program that provides equitable access to exceptional faculty and learning resources. Our goal is to achieve this mission by leveraging tools and platforms that provide virtual interactions all from a web browser, thereby lowering the cost of entry for all.


The Google Chrome browser is strongly recommended when accessing any iLumenEd Academy platforms for all grade levels.

Google® Chrome™: *Preferred Chrome Latest
Mozilla® Firefox®: Firefox Latest
Microsoft® Edge: Edge Latest (Windows Only)
Apple® Safari®: Safari Latest (macOS Only)

Hardware and Operating System Minimum Recommendations


The minimum hardware recommendations to use the iLumenEd platforms are as follows: 

Operating System: Windows 7+ (Windows 10+ recommended, not Windows 10S)
CPU: 1.4GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 or faster processor (or equivalent)
RAM: 2GB of RAM (4GB+ recommended)

Operating System: macOS 10.11+ (macOS 10.14+ recommended)
CPU: 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo or Faster processor
RAM: 2GB of RAM (4GB+ recommended)

Chrome OS (Chromebook)
Operating System: Chrome OS current stable release (Currently 91)
CPU: 1.1GHz Intel® Celeron® or faster processor (or equivalent)
RAM: 2GB of RAM (4GB+ recommended)

Internet Bandwidth Usage


The amount of data transferred over your Internet connection each month depends on the student’s enrolled course(s). We are not able to provide this information. Please contact your ISP provider if you have concerns.

Using Mobile Devices


Unfortunately, most mobile devices such as tablets and phones cannot be used as a primary device for accessing the iLumenEd Academy platforms as they do not support all the necessary software requirements.

However, devices running the latest iOS, iPadOS, and AndroidOS can be used as supplemental devices in some cases, but your experience may vary between different courses and different devices.

Additional Concerns


  • Pop-up Blockers can affect your ability to access the iLumenEd platforms

  • Internet Security Products, such as Norton, can inhibit your online experience

  • Software firewalls installed on your device often will cause accessibility problems

  • Firewalls must have the following ports open to both TCP and UDP traffic: 80, 8080 and 443

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